Field Grid Paper

0.75" Field Grid Box, Grey Effect Centerlines, Letter Size

0.75" Field Grid Box, Red Centerlines, Letter Size

0.75" Field Grid Box with Pinyin Box, Grey Effect Centerlines, Letter Size

Printable Field Grid Practice Paper

The field grid style Chinese writing practice sheet is often referred to as "field character grid" 田字格 [tian zi ge] because the template resembles the "field" Chinese character 田 [tian].

Field grid paper is one of the most popular template styles for Chinese writing practice paper. It allows novice learners to practice balancing the size and alignment of various Chinese character components.

Each field grid box is divided into four quadrants. The four regions can be divided by lines that match the grid box border.

Alternatively the centerlines may also be styled with dotted color effects. For example, many field grid paper sheets have solid black box borders with grey effect dotted centerlines.

The benefits of downloading and printing Chinese writing practice paper include instant availablity, better supply chain inventory control, and flexible instructional design choices.

This web site provides field grid style paper as loose leaf practice sheets in PDF and PNG format. Both formats allow flexible mobile printing at printing stations or photo kiosks.

Additionally, these sheets can be combined into a bound book format, which is often called 田格本 [tian ge ben]. This field grid style copybook allows students and hobbyists to better organize Chinese character writing practice into workbooks or journals.