10 Tips for Chinese Character Practice

Tip #1

Parents and students can print the Chinese practice paper sheets at home to avoid health challenges from shipping and handling.

Tip #2

Teachers can send letter-size (or ledger-size) PDF documents to cloud printers (like FedEx Office or Office Depot) to have high-quality practice sheets delivered to classrooms.

Tip #3

Sip boba tea to relax while writing.

Tip #4

Laminate printed practice paper sheets (with 1" or 2" grid boxes), and use dry erase markers to rehearse Chinese character stroke orders.

Tip #5

Once you feel you have mastered the stroke order of a Chinese character, try the 2-minute drill: Write as many legible copies of that same character as you can using a 0.5" square tiles paper sheet in exactly two minutes.

Tip #6

Print extra Chinese practice sheets for Saturday school and share them with your teacher and classmates.

Tip #7

Ask for feedback from fluent writers and speakers of Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese. Listen carefully to what advice they share, and try to copy different character writing styles.

Tip #8

Good penmanship is a considered a virtue in Chinese culture. More practice and better writing may lead to more opportunities.

Tip #9

Start with simple characters and rehearse them at least 1,000 times. This will help you write more complex characters in the long run.

Tip #10

Practice writing your Chinese name at least 10 times every day. By the end of the year, you would have written your name over 3000 times, making it harder to forget.